Expo Agro Sinaloa, showcase of the most advanced natural treatments by SEIPASA

February 18, 2016

The firm offers Mexicans well researched biostimulant solutions and biopesticides to ensure good crop development throughout its production cycle

IMAGES OF THE FAIR: http://blog.seipasa.com/seipasa-expo-agro-sinaloa-mexico/

The state of Sinaloa, which brings together the technical agriculture in Mexico for these few days, has become the great agricultural showcase of the country with the famous trade fair Expo Agro Sinaloa.

This is an important event that the well known company in the phytosanitary sector for natural treatments, SEIPASA, could not miss. In this unique setting, the Spanish firm has made its new and well researched solutionsavailable to professional farmers, already used successfully in the fields of Europe and the US.  

Constant innovation in natural technology by SEIPASA formally accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has facilitated the creation of highly specialised products that ensure good crop development throughout its production cycle.

The biostimulant and biopesticide ranges provide strength and vigour to the plants in the moments they need it most to obtain better productiveness and better quality, as well as efficient protection against pests and diseases, totally natural and guaranteeing the health of the plant.

Products such as Kynetic4, Seinema, Dinámico 150, Pirecris or Cinnerate have specific defined formulas either to supply the plant metabolic intermediates, biochemical substrates or physiological inducers they need to complete their functions optimally or to keep out pests and pathogens that can attack the crop.

SEIPASA also provides Mexican producers a line of nutritional products and fertilizers, which are guaranteed to be 100% organic and ideal for integrated production (Terrasei, Multisei, Superbrotal, Seipafol Fe, Turi-K ...).

The company has products certified by The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) of the USA, which guarantees them for organic agriculture in this country, Washington State Department of Agriculture, or by ECOCERT, according to European regulations CE 834/2007 and 889 / 2008, including warranty seals.