SEIPASA, in the European elite of innovation

January 20, 2017

SEIPASA will count on Europe’s support for the development of its last great innovative project.

This reference company in research, development, manufacture and marketing of natural treatments for agriculture, with headquarters in L'Alcúdia (Valencia) and Tardienta (Huesca), has been selected by the European Commission in the last round of Horizon 2020. It thus becames part of the club of companies of the European elite in innovation.

The European Horizon 2020 program funds high-potential innovation projects. The initiative of SEIPASA has been selected among the proposals of companies from the 28 countries of the European Union.

The SEIPASA project focuses on a biopesticide based on microorganisms. It will be an important benefit to farmers and the environment, as it is able to optimize efficiency with a low concentration of its active agent. It means cheaper treatment costs.



Patented formulation and liquid format

Another important innovation is that the new formulation is presented in liquid format maintaining its stability beyond two years - with the difficulty that this entails when the base are microorganisms - without resorting to preservatives or any kind of chemical substance. All co-formulants are of vegetable origin.

This has been possible thanks to SEIPASA’s exclusive technology. SEIPASA has obtained the patent of the biological carrier for microorganisms that encompasses the whole formulation of the biopesticide.

The liquid formulation gives the biopesticide a greater ease of use compared to biopesticides in other formats, reducing handling and exposure. It achieves a better distribution, since it provides more homogenous applications in the surfaces, thus giving greater yields. In addition, it avoids phytotoxicity or crop spots that can occur with the inert remains of the wettable powder form.

Field studies have shown that the new formulation designed by SEIPASA has the same effectiveness as chemicals, with the great advantage for health and the environment of being a totally natural solution.

SEIPASA has dedicated many years of research in R+D+i to this project, now rewarded with the obtaining of a biopesticide belonging to a new range of products very respectful with the environment. They are the present and future of the biological struggle.