Seipasa receives IVACE funding for its project to improve its manufacturing system

February 4, 2020
Seipasa receives IVACE funding to improve its manufacturing system
Seipasa's production plant in l'Alcúdia, Valencia

The Valencia institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE) has awarded Seipasa a subsidy for the implementation of a new Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement system. The project is based on a production engineering study over a period of 6 months for the purpose of analysing each of the processes that determine the capacity and output of the production plant in l’Alcúdia, Valencia.

The new system balances production, eliminates downtimes and improves cost control. Knowing the capacity of machines and equipment is crucial for measuring deviations, improving planning and optimising delivery times. All of this helps the company to advance towards excellence in its operations through increased productivity and competiveness. 

Thanks to this project Seipasa will have a production system that is in line with the criteria and requirements of Lean Manufacturing, a method of organising working practices that is oriented towards minimising losses in production systems and maximising the elements that add value to the end product from the point of view of costs, quality and delivery times. 

The project subsidised by the IVACE forms part of the “SME Innovation Projects (Innova-CV)” programme that receives financial support from the EU.

About the IVACE

The Valencia Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE, is a public-law entity integrated in the public entities sector of the Generalitat Valenciana. Amongst its objectives are to manage the industry policy of the Generalitat Valenciana and support companies in relation to innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation and investment-seeking; to promote technological enclaves, the industrial safety of products and industrial facilities, metrology, vehicles and companies and encourage savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, as well as to manage the energy policy of the Generalitat Valenciana.