Seipasa analyses strategies to maximise fruit set and flowering in the cherry tree

September 3, 2020
Webinar on cherry blossom and fruit set with Suez-Chile and Comagro

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, has participated in a webinar held by the specialist journal "Red Agrícola" to analyse strategies to maximise fruit set and flowering in cherry trees in Chile. 

The event was organised by Seipasa and Suez-Chile, a multinational with over 160 years' experience in sustainable, efficient management of natural resources, together with Comagro, the distributing firm of Seipasa's products marketed in Chile within the business partnership that exists between Seipasa and Suez.

Speaking in the webinar, Seipasa's Chief Technical Officer, Javier Nácher, stressed the importance of biostimulation in cherry growing, a high-value crop with high demand for quality. 

He went on to explain about the characteristics of two of Seipasa's biostimulants that are specifically designed to optimise cherry tree production, highlighting that Seiland root biostimulant is an invaluable tool for "promoting generation of new roots and absorbent hairs, to allow farmers to improve and optimise their whole nutritional cherry-growing strategy". 

Seipasa's Chief Technical Officer also underlined the characteristics of the biostimulant Kynetic4. With Kynetic4, he assured, "flowering phases will develop much more efficiently as the crop does not have to generate metabolic substrates since it is the product that provides them. Kynetic4 produces better fruit set ratios and better yields, which is what we are aiming for". These products are already available in Chile through our distributor Comagro. 

Outlook for cherry growing

Mr Javier Valenzuela, MSc in Fruit Growing from the PUC and technical adviser, highlighted the relevance of Chile's production of consistently high-quality cherries; it is estimated that in the next few years exports will reach figures of almost 400,000 tons and around 70 million crates by 2024.  Mr Valenzuela stressed that quality fruit in optimal conditions is of vital importance, especially in an internal condition that guarantees a post-harvest life or more than 50 days.

In this respect he explained that factors determining fruit quality such as sweetness, resistance to mechanical damage (pitting), post-harvest life, storage potential and fruit that is attractive to consumers, go hand in hand with optimal management and enhancing the fruit's quality. 

The event, which was streamed online, concluded with a discussion panel in which Marta Pérez, of Suez's Agricultural Market Development Manager and Carlos Javier López, Seipasa's Technical Manager in LATAM also took part.