The Ministry of Economy grants the 'Pyme Innovadora' seal to SEIPASA

January 13, 2016

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has granted the seal of certifying 'Pyme Innovadora' (Innovative SME)  to SEIPASA, a leading company in the manufacture of natural treatments for residue-free agriculture. With this recognition, not only is the inherent researcher character of the company awarded, but also the history of a firm in which R&D has been one of the mainstays since its creation. The steadfastness of the research team of SEIPASA, along with the investment efforts of the company over time, has led to the development of new and more effective agriculture treatments for safe agriculture, of quality and profitable for the producer.

The award is one more MINECO recognition of the work of this company. In fact, recently the Ministry of Economy described the European Life+ Zero Residues project for the stone fruit without residues production, in which SEIPASA takes part, as a success. In this initiative, in which nine partners from Spain and the Netherlands are involved, the products of the company serve as a base for the control of pest and diseases in stone fruit plantations.

Recently introduced

The creation of a Public Register of innovative SMEs and certifying seal, whose  expedition was launched last June, is the result of a European strategy linked to the development of those companies that, for their innovative nature, are more likely to survive, be more competitive and, therefore, become a stable source of job creation.

SEIPASA is part of this cast of SMEs which have been able to make use of the investigative potential to continue growing and providing new solutions to society. Its investment in R&D and its innovative spirit make SEIPASA worthy of this recognized seal.