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Efficacy of SEILAND® in super-intensive olive tree cultivation

Trial objectives

To study the effect of SEILAND® biostimulation on yield and oil quality in super-intensive olive tree cultivation.

Trial characteristics

Crop: Olive trees
Variety: Arbequina
Age: 6 years old
Planting pattern: 1,5 x 4 m
Location: Fuente Palmera (Cordoba)
Crop type: Outdoor

Treatment table

Principales resultados






The development of the root system, boosted by SEILAND® in a high-yield olive variety produces a remarkable increase and improvement in harvest quality. The graphs show that the application of this product significantly reduces acidity in olives by 30%, improving the quality of olive oil. Applying SEILAND® also increases the total polyphenol content of olives by 14%. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that protect the fatty acids in oil from oxidation, enhancing the quality of olive oil.

Trial carried out by Seipasa in collaboration with Ideagro.