Biosei™ organic manure with an effective energy supply

BIOSEI is an organic fertilizer of high solubility especially suitable to improve the quality of tired soilsBIOSEI is rich in humic acids, which represent a structural base of soil, as well as fulvic acids, which provide an important energy contribution.  BIOSEI combine with the mineral fraction of the soil and helps to solubilize retained metal ions, carrying them to the plant’s roots. The interaction between clay and organic substances in BIOSEI improves soil physical, chemical and biological properties. Its ability to decompose calcium carbonate in limestone soils is especially useful as effective natural source of Ca and CO2, which favour plant’s metabolic processes. Moreover, its components are a direct energy source for plants because their biodegradation by soil organisms can release 5,000 calories per gram of energy, so when high energy consumption is required, its use improves crop yield and quality, even in stressful situations.

  • Humic and fulvic amendment of natural origin.
  • Stimulates rooting and plant development.
  • Ideal for degraded soils and/or exhausted soils.