Seipafol® Mo functional corrector of molybdenum deficiencies

SSEIPAFOL® Mo is specially indicated to correct molybdenum deficiencies that may appear during the vegetative cycle of the plant because it is a product specially designed for foliar application with strong power of assimilation and translocation. Its important role in nitrogen fixation in plants, especially legumes, makes it essential in harvest planning.
In advanced stages, plant growth and flower formation will be limited if there is lack of molybdenum. A decrease in the growth of leaves, mottled or brown leaves, can be a symptom that the crop needs a treatment with SEIPAFOL® Mo.

  • Foliar, quick and effective application.
  • Achieves better harvests with SEIPAFOL® Mo.


Molybdenum (Mo) 8.6
Foliar application 100-200 m/hl
Fertigation 1-3 l/ha per application