Seipafol® ZnMn innovative zinc and manganese balance for maximum performance

An effective combination of zinc and manganese, to achieve optimal results in the crop. Applying the formula SEIPAFOL® ZnMn by foliar spraying, these two microelements that are essential in plant growth, are secured in the crop.
The influence of manganese associated with iron for the chlorophyll synthesis is enhanced by this reference. As well as this, SEIPAFOL® ZnMn provides the amount of zinc required by the crop, essential for the development of important hormones like auxins, growth hormones that promote cell elongation, ensuring the correct development of the aerial part of the plant and roots. This additional amount of zinc also promotes the synthesis of several proteins and vitamin C.

  • Ensures maximum performance on your harvest.
  • SEIPAFOL® ZnMn : the best choice.


Manganese (Mn) soluble and chelated 3.5
Zinc (Zn) soluble and chelated 3.5
Foliar application 300-500 m/hl
Fertigation 4-6 l/ha per application