Amin™ 24 offers selected amino acids

AMIN 24  has been designed to provide by foliar via, free amino acids from vegetable origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, which are quickly absorbed by the plant. The hydrolysis process of the protein material has some advantages over traditional chemical methods such as selectivity, avoiding the presence of degradation products, the process is carried out under moderate temperature conditions and without adding exogenous chemicals, that are needed in protein hydrolysis process in acid media. The supply of essential amino acids of AMIN 24  avoids the high energy consumption needed to synthesize them, which means that in high demand physiological conditions (frost, water stress, etc.), plants are able to take advantage of their resources in order to recover quickly. With amino acids such as glycine, AMIN 24 achieves a complexing or chelating effect of cations such as iron, calcium, zinc, manganese or copper, which allows that these elements can be quickly assimilated by the plant. Thus, AMIN 24  is able to correct micronutrient deficiencies more quickly and with less energy expenditure.

  • Quick foliar absorption.
  • Stimulates plant defenses.
  • Ideal for moments of stress and more energy demand.


Total organic matter 36.0
Total nitrogen (N) 4.0
Organic nitrogen (N) 4.0
Free amino acids 24.0
Fulvic acids 12.0
Foliar application Olive crops: 200-300 ml/hl
Vegetables: 150-200 ml/hl
Fertigation Vegetables:
2-3 l/ha per application
4-15 l/ha and year