Calimax™ regulator of lack of calcium imbalance

A complexed calcium with polyhydroxycarboxylic acids, CALIMAX is particularly suitable to prevent deficiencies and combat phytopathologies.
CALIMAX exchanges the calcium that is in the product for the sodium in soil, reducing the electrical conductivity, increasing cation exchange capacity (CEC) and reducing the exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) of soil. Meanwhile, in acid soils the retention of fertilizers is improved by correcting calcium deficiencies.
CALIMAX can be applied by foliar via or root providing to the crops calcium, that is totally active and easily assimilated.

  • Prevents and corrects crops deficiencies.
  • Combats the problems of high levels of salts and sodium in soil.
  • It improves soil structure.
  • Stimulates an optimal root development.
  • Regulates the imbalance of the plant due to the lack of calcium.


Total organic matter 12.0
Calcium (CaO) soluble
 and complexed 12.0
Fertigation Field crops:
4-8 l/ha per application

10-30 l/ha per application
Foliar application 300-400 ml/hl