Guadal™ Ca innovative formulation based on rapidly assimilable complexed calcium

GUADAL Ca is a formula based on a complexed calcium, easily assimilated. It has been designed for foliar application due to its zero phytotoxicity.
Calcium deficiency is more common in young leaves and fruits because transpiration is more difficult in these organs. Therefore, this product is especially recommended for foliar applications from the second half of the crop cycle.
GUADAL Ca provides the following advantages:

  • Decreases the bitter-pit incidence in apples. The application period runs from the third week after flowering until two weeks before harvest.
  • It avoids problems of internal decay, cracked fruits, and so on.
  • In vegetables, it prevents apical rot, tip burn,and so on.


Calcium (CaO) soluble
 and complexed 12.0
Amino acids 4.0
Foliar application 200-400 ml/hl