Microsol™ Fe deficiency corrector based on selected micronutrient balance

The perfect combination of chelated micronutrients: iron, manganese, zinc and copper with boron and molybdenum in mineral form, make MICROSOL™ Fe the ideal solution to multiple deprivation problems, releasing these elements and making them completely soluble and available for plant absorption.
The micronutrients provided by MICROSOL™ Fe, solve quickly the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies as yellow leaves, poor development of buds, flowers and fruit drop problems, small size and growth retardation in general.
Its formulation rich in iron makes MICROSOL™ Fe ideal to complement the action of NPK fertilizers, being suitable for all types of crops, especially fruits, citrus, vegetables and ornamentals.

  • It acts as an stimulator favoring enzymatic activation of auxins and proteins.
  • Improves fruit set and fructification.