Multisei™ green crop activator

MULTISEI is an organic fertilizer of high solubility and easy to use, especially designed to improve soil quality and crop nutrition.
Its high content of organic matter from vegetable origin, is especially useful for improving the soil C/N, increasing cation exchange capacity and achieving a quick increase of the uptake and effectiveness of fertilizers, especially in soils with low organic matter levels.
MULTISEI contains molasses, the main energy source of microorganisms involved in compost fermentation, so that improves soil microbial activity. Furthermore, molasses are rich in sugars, potassium, calcium, magnesium and contain micronutrients, mainly boron. MULTISEI has a high content of fulvic acids that provide energy that is assimilated by crops.
MULTISEI also helps to unlock the soil nutrients, so that they are easier assimilated by crops, taking advantage of natural resources.

  • Easy application and quick assimilation.
  • Rich in organic matter with molasses.
  • The ideal nutrition for your crops.


Total organic matter 36.6
Total nitrogen (N) 4.5
Organic nitrogen (N) 4.0
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0.3
Potassium oxide (K2O) 3.5
Organic carbon (C) 21.9
C/N Ratio 5.3
Total humic extract 28.5
Humic acids 0.5
Fulvic acids 28.0
Fertigation 40-150 l/ha per application
80-300 l/ha 80-300 l/ha per crop cycle


Trial with MULTISEI: