Seiland® strong roots, healthy roots

SEILAND® contains a mixture of microorganisms which colonize the ecological niche that roots occupy creating a biological barrier that is beneficial for crops. The carrier of this microbiological combined is an organic origin refined which has a high molecular weight, that provides a large number of functional available groups (carboxylic and phenolic). This polymer modifies the soil structure and interacts chemically with it, acting as a substrate for the microorganisms provided. These microorganisms compete for space and protect the plant’s roots.
Its used as a root protector, strengthens the plant’s defense system and at the same time stimulates the crop to overcome nematodes attacks and/or soil diseases.

  • Healthy roots.
  • Bioestimulant effect: actives the vegetative and root development.
  • Increases crop vigor, improving the colour and the quality of the crop.
  • It stimulates the activity of the microbial flora and fauna.

Trial with SEILAND®: