Seipafol® Fe rapid iron assimilation

SEIPAFOL® Fe contains iron and gluconic acid. This type of complexing agent has a high scavenging ability of Fe over other EDTA chelates. As well as this, it has a higher stability in neutral and alkaline pH, for this reason it is especially useful for all the different types of water used in agriculture.
SEIPAFOL® Fe contains a high percentage of amino acids that increase chlorophyll concentration and interact with iron, increasing quickly the photosynthetic rate, and producing a film-forming effect that is a support for better absorption.
Iron deficiency can cause great damage in the plant, and in the worst case, the loss of the crop. Do not wait to see the symptoms of a difficult photosynthesis and cellular respiration due to the lack of this essential nutrient.
The studied SEIPAFOL® Fe formulation ensures the assimilation of the amount of iron required by the plant for a correct synthesis of chlorophyll.
You can use SEIPAFOL® Fe to prevent and avoid the fatal consequences of iron deficiency, but also to reverse the effects of this defficiency.

  • SEIPAFOL® Fe is the solution to prevent and solve iron deficiency.
  • Its unique formulation designed for foliar application allows a quick absorption and assimilation.


Amino acids 6.0
Total nitrogen (N) 1.0
Organic nitrogen (N) 1.0
Iron (Fe) soluble and complexed 5.0
FOLIAR Vegetable and ornamental 200-400 ml/hl
Vineyards and citrus 400-600 ml/hl