Septum® basic protection for crops

SEPTUM® guarantees basic protection for crops. Its technical formula adds the power of multiple natural principles providing a distinct advantage to manage foliar fungal diseases.
SEPTUM® is a powerful formulation that contains phenols and flavonoids, and silicic and caffeic acid. These elements are stabilized within the natural product matrix conferring long-term stability. SEPTUM® acts on sporulation and mildew infection, spotted and Alternaria.
The plant compounds used in SEPTUM® present a wide spectrum with an important antimicrobial activity.
SEPTUM® is an ideal tool to include in control programs of different fungal diseases such Venturia inaequalis, Plamospara vitícola, Erysiphe necator, Podosphaera leucotricha, Taphrina deformans y Septoria lycopersici, in crops such as apple, peach, vineyard, cucumber, tomato, and so on.

  • It has a high preventive effect and a great curative action.
  • Denatures the fungal infective structures.
  • Activates the plants' defense mechanisms.