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Identity, our foundation

Seipasa is a global company based in Spain focusing on the development and formulation of natural-based solutions for agriculture. In Seipasa, we conduct research, manufacture, and commercialize biopesticides, biostimulants, and nutritional products to be used in sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. The Seipasa portfolio contributes to the production of fruits, vegetables, and cereals with high-added value.


Our history


The value of R&D&i

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6.000 m2
Own facilities for experiment and testing of products

The core of our success starts at the R&D&i department. We formulate solutions of high technological value and verify its effectiveness in the trial field.

The trial field allows us to continue innovating and adapting our solutions to market needs.

Talent in people

Seipasa is formed by a young and dynamic team that matches experience and passion for natural agriculture with zero residues. We like to talk about people instead of human resources. Talent in Seipasa is provided by Xavi, José, Puig, Paco and the rest of the colleagues who lead a highly skilled team of agronomists, chemists, doctors, commercial technicians and marketing specialists.

International forums

Seipasa promotes collaboration, synergies and the transmission of knowledge within the agricultural sector. In so doing, we are part of the main national and international associations and consortiums, with the objective of participating decisevely in the decisions and agreements that can be reached.