When all this happens

We analyze the impact of the Covid19 crisis and how the market prepares to face the pandemic accompanied by experts from the agricultural sector. Discover all the videos of this series on our youtube channel.

Seipasa at Fruit Attraction 2019, the most important fruit and vegetable fair in Europe

Fruit Attraction is the scenario in which every year we look into the eyes of agriculture from within: with passion, effort and the best of Natural Technology. In Fuit Attraction 2019 Seipasa has analyzed the challenges of global agriculture in the event "Talking about sustainability and cost-efficiency", a series of dialogues in which more than 20 experts and professionals from the agricultural sector have participated.

Seipasa Experimental Center

The testing field is the space where Seipasa formulations are tested from the point of view of their effectiveness, compatibility and development. This scenario is where the behavior of the treatments is evaluated in real field conditions and in commercial varieties of the highest quality.

Seipasa and Hermanos Zaragoza: rooting and blooming in greenhouse horticultural

The critical moments of farming require key solutions. This video shows the experience of Hermanos Zaragoza, specialist in agricultural supplies on the coast of Granada, with the strategy of Seipasa products in the development of greenhouse horticultural. Seiland® is a root bioestimulant that active root development in the settlement of the crop, while Kynetic4® ensures the blooming, improves the fruit setting and efficiency of useful fauna. Through the testimony and confidence of technicians and farmers, the video shows us the keys of both products and why they are part of the treatment strategies in these crops.

Seipasa and Biosabor SAT: organic tomato production

Quality, trust, reliability and transparency are part of Seipasa's business philosophy. Values that transcend the mere physical space of a product to rise above it and consolidate in the construction of lasting relationships with our customers.

This video shows the experience of Biosabor SAT, leader in organic tomato production, with Seipasa products. His testimony about the Pirecris biopesticide for the control of pests in greenhouse tomato production explains the advantages of the product and why it is part of the treatment strategies that are applied in its facilities.

Reflections on the future of biopesticides

El Forcat Al Dia program, presented and directed by Sílvia Soria on La Ocho-Mediterráneo TV, interviewed Paco Espinosa, R & D Director of Seipasa.

In this interview, Espinosa reflects on the future of biopesticides, the current situation in agri-food sector and its added value for agriculture. The director of R & D of Seipasa analyze the growth and international expansion of Seipasa from the extension of the company's facilities, which allows it to double its production capacity of biopesticides.

Kynetic4® improves blooming while optimizes fruit setting

Kynetic4® is the result of applying high technical hydrolysis processes to vegetable protein extracts. The result of this process is a product designed specifically to get free amino acids, which optimal balance provide Kynetic4® a starter metabolic effect.

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Have you ever thought what natural technology means?

We’ll summarize it in 3 words: sustainable, rational and human. Sustainable because our products are “residue-free”, thinking about the benefit for crops, farmers and consumers. Doing it in a rational way, investing in research and trials to offer new and better ways to improve agricultural productivity. And all this from a human perspective, of people researching to get healthy food for everyone.

This was Fruit Attraction 2018

This was Fruit Attraction 2018, the year in which Seipasa turns 20 years old. The event "Throught the eyes of the new generation" was held, where the fundamental role of implementing natural solutions in agriculture was discussed. The Ecotrama and Ecoracimo awards ceremony was given, which Ecovalia awards to the best producers of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Wines. During the fair, the artist Cristóbal Hernández Barbero modeled a live sculpture for the new "Natural Technology Awards", which Seipasa will award from 2019.