Our background

The vision: anticipating change 

Seipasa was founded in 1998 based on the vision of natural, sustainable agriculture and, at the same time, cost-effective for farmers. From the outset, the company had the resolve and insight to anticipate the changes and transformation that, twenty years on, agriculture is experiencing today.

The agricultural industry requires effective solutions that focus on fruit and vegetable production from a sustainable, cost-effective perspective. At a time when the planet is under increasing stress due to climate change, producers seek the tools that can help them maintain their levels of productivity and profitability while at the same time respecting the natural environment. As international regulations become increasingly stringent, we have witnessed the progressive disappearance of chemically synthesised active substances.  In this situation producers have fewer tools available and need to turn to new alternatives to combat crop pests and diseases. 

Seipasa, in response to this scenario, designed its Natural Technology® model oriented towards developing solutions of botanical and microbiological origin (biopesticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers) that offer levels of efficacy similar to chemically synthesised products and provide crops that are free of residues, also respecting both the environment and the health of human beings. 

Our registered biological solutions are completely in line with international regulations for active substances and are also aligned with market trends and demands for sustainable foods. Seipasa's innovation was born of a vision: that of positioning itself as a producer of alternative solutions to those that were available on the market 20 years ago. In time, that market and consumers have come to value these solutions as positive and necessary.