We are at the heart of a large social community that works and interacts in perfect harmony to bring our products to thousands of farmers around the world every day. We have a responsibility to care for and protect this community in order to improve its standards of quality and well-being.

Quality employment
and training

95.77% of Seipasa’s workers are permanent employees of the company. We improve the conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with financial incentives linked to the achievement of results.

We offer more than 1,700 hours of training to all staff to improve their skills and personal development.

We are people
who care
for people

Seipasa covers the cost of private medical insurance for all permanent employees. We facilitate the work/life balance of employees through the use of teleworking policies in those positions that allow it.

The environment,
first and foremost

Seipasa has the main environmental certifications: EMAS and ISO 14001 confirm our commitment to the requirements and objectives set by the EU. Our Quality and Environment department works to ensure that our production process meets the highest quality standards at every stage.

More than 50% of our products are certified organic according to the various international standards (European, American and Japanese regulations).

Social evaluation
of suppliers

84% of Seipasa's suppliers are national. Their physical proximity helps us to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint.

We are close to
where ideas are born

We develop collaborative projects with universities and innovation centres to create new solutions with real applications in agriculture.

We work closely with the main industry associations to create synergies and generate developments that benefit the whole sector.

in values

Seipasa sponsors the Pinatar Grassroots Football School, with the aim of promoting education in the values of sport among the youngest.

We work with the NGO Acopinb for the integration of young people with intellectual disabilities. Seipasa provides products and training for the maintenance of their organic garden.

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