Commitment to quality and the environment

Seipasa's Quality and Environment Department works to ensure that our production process is compliant with the highest standards of quality during each of its stages.

Care and respect for the environment is in our DNA. This is why, for us, it is absolutely essential to monitor and minimise the impact of our activity on the environment through operational controls and evaluation of environmental indicators which are aimed at reducing, optimising and reusing the natural resources consumed and the waste generated during our production processes.

The European EMAS "Eco-Management and Audit Scheme" regulation defines an environmental management and audit scheme that is open to any type of organisation internationally, regardless of its activity.

The environmental management model of this Regulation is based on the ISO 14001 standard. It provides an effective system to help organisations to manage and continuously improve their environmental performance. However, EMAS has its own requirements which make it a model of excellence for environmental management. The EMAS regulation represents the maximum European environmental recognition of the guaranteed sustainability of each of the phases of production and application of products.

EMAS Regulation benefits::

In addition to the benefits related to implementing an ISO 14001 environmental management system, the EMAS Regulation helps organisations to contribute to a circular economy because EMAS:

  • Requires organisations to establish environmental behaviour indicators to analyse and measure their efficient use of resources from a life cycle perspective and using risk-based thinking.
  • Enables organisations not only to guarantee their legal compliance but also to anticipate the adoption of new environmental requirements helping to minimise risks from a preventive approach and to identify new business opportunities.
  • Requires the mandatory involvement of employees, to make them aware of the importance of their participation in the management system.
  • The Environmental Statement, endorsed by an independent, accredited verifier, is a powerful communication tool that helps organisations to highlight the efforts involved in implementing an environment management system. It is also an exercise in transparency that is recognised by all stakeholders, including public administrations.
  • Represents a driving force for innovationsince by promoting continuous improvement organisations have to investigate new objectives for the reduction of consumption, changes in processes, sourcing less contaminating materials, etc.

Download Declaración Ambiental EMAS III

Download Validación de la Declaración Ambiental (EMAS) Bureau Veritas

Download Certificado EMAS Generalitat Valenciana

Our production site and offices run on electricity from 100% renewable sources, which is yet another feature of Seipasa's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Seipasa's products are certified under the UNE standard. UNE standards are a tool of the Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association whose purpose is to align the certification of fertilizers and phytosanitary products in the organic production sector. They contribute added value to agricultural input manufacturers on agricultural markets and generate confidence among farmers and end users.

Seipasa has voluntarily implemented a management system based on the international UNE EN ISO 14001 standard to monitor, control and minimise the impact of its production activity on the environment. The implementation of this standard, with all that it implies (analysing environmental indicators, risks and hazards, establishing environmental objectives, etc. ) endorses Seipasa's commitment to protecting the environment.

Download Certificate ISO 14001

Seipasa is backed by the ISO 9001 standard, which sets out the requirements to be complied with to operate a correct quality management system within the production system.

Download Certificate 9001

System management policy

Organic production certificates

Our products are certified for use in organic, sustainable farming systems.