The Natural Technology® model

Natural Technology for Seipasa means providing effective solutions for agriculture based on innovation and research applied to active substances of botanical and microbiological origin. On this basis the company has developed its Natural Technology® model, which it applies to the formulation, development and production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers.

Seipasa's R+D+I Department uses this Natural Technology® model in its work to identify and select the most efficient, most effective raw materials. It uses cutting-edge technology to extract the very best from that active substance and to guarantee maximum efficacy anywhere in the world and in any conditions of application. The Natural Technology® model begins with the raw materials that Nature provides, but then applies twenty-first century, pioneering technology.

Botanical Extracts Laboratory

Analytical identification of active substances in botanical extracts that serve as the basis for agro-chemical formulations.

Microbiology Laboratory

Research into the development and application of microorganisms in agriculture: their pattern of growth, their behaviour towards other microorganisms in the environment and their effects on crops.

Formulation Laboratory

Design of agro-chemical formulations based on substances of botanical and microbiological origin.

Test Centre

Trial field where Seipasa formulations are assessed and analysed in terms of their efficacy, compatibility and management in real field conditions.