Pirecris® agricultural insecticide against aphids and whiteflies

Pirecris® is a biopesticide with a powerful knock down effect that rapidly removes aphids and whiteflies. Developed with 100% natural ingredients up from a unique and exclusive formulation, Pirecris® is intended to attain maximum efficacy both in the field and in the greenhouse. 100% of its formulation is designed to act as an active ingredient with an insecticide effect.

The power of Pirecris'® formulation as an agricultural insecticide lies within its antioxidant, protective green matrix that, along with a natural synergist, passes on the active ingredient and ensures maximum product efficacy. Pirecris® offers guaranteed insecticide efficacy, acting by contact. The components of its green matrix include performance-enhancing lipid biomolecules. These biomolecules cover the insect's spiracles until they are clogged and cause its death by suffocation, Seipasa has developed a patented formulation supported by its R&D&I Department  continuous research (Patent ES2444991A1).

Key points of Pirecris®

  • Guaranteed insecticide efficacy. Pirecris® ensures optimum performance with 100% activity in the field thanks to the green matrix surrounding the product.
  • A hundred percent natural agricultural insecticide. Pirecris® does not contain Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) as a synergist. In its advanced formulation, PBO was replaced by carboxylates and natural antioxidants.
  • Powerful knock down effect. As an agricultural insecticide, Pirecris® produces the disabling effect known as knock down which rapidly decreases pest population following the first application. The product is indicated for controlling aphids, whiteflies, thrips and Cicadellidae, among other insect species.
  • Can be applied the day before harvesting. The quality of its active ingredients, along with its antioxidant matrix, ensures product stability even in the most extreme temperature conditions.
  • Resistance risk reduced.Pirecris® is developed for all types of agriculture. As a 100% natural product, it can be used in Integrated Pest Management strategies and organic production systems.

Trial with Pirecris®:


Aubergine, Chard, Curly endive, Greenhouse tomato, Lettuce, Open air tomato, Pepper, Spinach,


Registration Number
ROPF: ES-00225