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PIRECRIS® Efficacy trial against thrips in pepper crops

Trial objectives

  • Compare the efficacy of PIRECRIS® applied by itself and jointly with a biological reference against a conventional program, a biological reference and an untreated thesis.  
  • Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis [Pergande]) in flowers.  
  • Test the product’s shock effect on insect populations.

Trial characteristics

Place and date of trial: El Ejido, Almería, 2016.
Crop and variety: Bell pepper, variety Olimpiakos.
Crop management: Greenhouse.
Applications: 3 applications every 7 days.

Tabla 2 Pirecris against pepper thrips
Tabla 1 foto trip

Main results


Trial evolution

Right from the first application on (3DAA), with the treatments comes a powerful shock effect and population decline.
Pirecris® matches the chemical reference’s efficacy, even improving it by the final phase of the test. While in the untreated control the population rose almost twice in seven days, Pirecris® treatments managed to reduce the average number of thrips per flower to almost zero with almost no differences from conventional programs.
The shock effect repeats itself after each application, obtaining very satisfactory results in all evaluations.