Covid-19: Seipasa maintains its production activity according to the Executive Order of the Spanish Government

March 30, 2020

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, maintains its production activity to guarantee the supply of products to all customers and distributors. 

The company's production activity is covered by the Execuitive Order 10/2020 of 29 March, which was approved by the Spanish Government and is now in force. The second point of the annex to the aforementioned legal text qualifies as essential those activities that participate in the market supply chain and in the operation of the services of the production centres of basic goods and services, including food, drinks and animal feed, among others.

In this regard, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture has issued a statement confirming that productive activities related to agriculture, livestock, fishing and the food industry are considered essential services that must continue to ensure the supply of food to the population. 

The official statement says that "not only should the activity of agri-food companies as a whole be maintained, including agricultural, livestock, aquaculture and fishing activities, but also the activities of the companies that provide them with the inputs and services necessary for their operation and which are essential at this time".

Seipasa keeps all the necessary precautionary and preventive measures activated to guarantee the health of the employees who remain in their jobs, as well as the suppliers and clients who come to the production centers. These measures are aimed at containing the epidemic and preventing its spread. The rest of the company's staff is still working from home with teleworking measures.

Thanks to all professionals

Once again, Seipasa would like to thank all the professionals who are fighting tirelessly to protect the health of the population from the advance of the Covid-19 virus and guarantee the provision of essential services to the public. Thanks also to the farmers and to all the professionals who make up the agri-food chain because their effort, work and commitment to society is enabling us to have fresh food on the markets every day.