Seipasa analyses the role of industry in the new European legislation on biostimulants at the Meeting organised by Cajamar

November 16, 2018
Seipasa joins the Cajamar biostimulants meeting
From left to right: Luis Vera, representative of Bioval; Victoria Cadahía, technical director of AEFA; Carlos Baixauli, experimental center of Cajamar; Raúl Nehring, director of AEFISA and Noelia Vera, member of the regulatory department of Seipasa.

Seipasa, a company specialized in the formulation, development and marketing of botanical and microbiological-based solutions (biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers) for agriculture, joined the Meeting on Biostimulants and Biofertilisers organised by the Cajamar Cooperative Group.

The Meeting, held in Valencia on 14 and 15 November 2018, was aimed to provide a detailed analysis of the current situation in the sector of biostimulants and biofertilizers, especially from a technical and regulatory approach.

Seipasa participated as a specialist in the panel discussion entitled "Present and future of biostimulants and biofertilizers in Spain and Europe in relation to legislation"

Noelia Vera, member of Seipasa's regulatory department, referred to the real problems faced to date by biostimulant manufacturers and pointed out the advantages of the new regulatory framework in which the European Union is making progress. 

Vera mentioned the effort and investment the manufacturers made to gain in-depth knowledge of their products and the effects they have on crops. On this point, she pointed out the uncertainty to which they are subject to when it comes to putting these products on the market. She referred to "the lack of definition of the existing regulatory framework”. The current regulatory framework, as Noelia Vera added, “doesn’t allow the companyes to know well where to place these products and what we can or cannot include on their labelling".

With regard to the new European legislation on biostimulants, Noelia Vera pointed out that, from the manufacturers' point of view, "it will serve to eliminate this uncertainty, as it will provide a clear definition of the term 'biostimulant'”, as well as establishing a "clear difference with regard to fertilisers and phytosanitary products".

The representative of Seipasa's regulatory department defended that the new regulatory framework imposes stricter requirements on manufacturers. It will raise costs, although it will also guarantee that the products are safe and effective, something "necessary if we want to offer guarantees and safety to farmers, but also to position the biostimulant market as a serious, rigorous and professional market", claimed Noelia Vera.

She also highlighted the great differences between the regulatory framework and their requirements, and insisted on the need for harmonisation at European level.

Along with Noelia Vera, representatives of AEFA, the Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers; AEFISA, the Spanish Association of Phytosanitary and Environmental Health, and BIOVAL, the Association of Companies and Entities of the Organic sector, also participated in the panel discussion.