Seipasa launches its new product catalogue in Ecuador with QSI and expands its international presence

July 22, 2019

Seipasa, the Spanish company specializing in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, has launched its new catalogue of products for the Ecuadorian market. The Spanish company has signed a distribution agreement with QSI Ecuador S.A., a company with 41 years of experience in the distribution of solutions for different industrial sectors in Ecuador, including the agricultural sector.

The presentation event held in Quevedo, Ecuador, served to showcase the wide range of biopesticide, biostimulant and nutritional solutions by which Seipasa expands its commercial presence worldwide with specific and adapted solutions to the Ecuadorian market.

“Seipasa is a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of biotechnological products for the treatment of crops", said José Luis Egas, Seipasa's commercial director for Seipasa-LATAM.

"We have a wide and solid track record in the design of solutions developed from substances of botanical and microbiological origin. We work in more than 20 countries all over the world and we want to put all the experience and quality of our products at the service of the Ecuadorian agriculture from the point of view of profitability and efficacy in the production of food without chemical residues", stressed Egas.

Septum, Seisil, Amicos MC or Amicos PIR are some of the solutions with which Seipasa reaches the Ecuadorian market, and which will begin to be distributed through QSI's commercial network. Seipasa has a large portfolio that will be expanded with new references in Ecuador over the next few months.  

These are products with a high component of technological innovation in their development and formulation, registered in Agrocalidad (the agency in charge of control and regulation for the protection and improvement of animal health, plant health and food safety) and with application in crops with a high impact on the Ecuadorian agriculture such as bananas, cocoa or flowers

Daniel Zapata, national sales manager of QSI Ecuador agricultural division, insisted on QSI's desire to seek alternatives for sustainable agriculture, an agriculture that has been defined as "much more challenging" and increasingly influential in Ecuador. 

"We are looking for new alternatives for this market, but also for the new markets that are opening up, that will allow producers to have access to differentiated prices and improvements in economic issues. That is the reason why, in this search, we have found in Seipasa a suitable commercial partner," said Zapata. 

Greater international presence

With the signing of this commercial agreement with QSI Ecuador S.A., Seipasa expands and strengthens its international presence. The company has plant protection registrations in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Morocco, among other countries. This presence will be extended in the coming months with new phytosanitary registrations.

A few months ago, Seipasa announced the creation of new international business units with the aim of strengthening and consolidating its growth. Among them is the LATAM unit, headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, under the direction of José Luis Egas.