SEIPASA leads to Fruit Attraction new natural pesticides that face up to chemical ones

September 16, 2016

Innovative solutions for present and future needs in a crop protection market increasingly limited will be displayed from the Pavilion 4 stand 4G07

If farmers are looking for new and effective treatments to maintain health and optimize the profitability of their crops, that is what they will find at SEIPASA’s stand in Fruit Attraction (Pavilion 4 stand 4G07).

In a context in which it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions to tackle pests and diseases due to the strict regulation in plant health and active substances, SEIPASA responds to the current needs of the crop protection market and anticipates the future.

Fruit Attraction visitors can find at SEIPASA’s booth all these advances and new developments aimed at a more profitable and sustainable agriculture.


Product for major… and minor crops

SEIPASA not only makes available to the farmer natural pesticides for major crops but also for minor crops, which, with the new situation, are more affected if possible by the lack of treatments.

Biopesticides as BT 32 Seipasa, (to hold off Lepidoptera) Nakar and Pirecris (natural broad-spectrum insecticides) or Septum (ideal tool to including in control programs of fungal diseases), are some of the latest technologically advanced natural pesticides that are a great support for producers. Aphids, whiteflies, mites, woodlice, mildews, dappled... For each problem, a solution.



Biostimulants and crop resistance

The latest generation of SEIPASA’S biostimulants also represent a key tool to maximize returns on production costs. Without having a direct effect on pathogens, they allow invigorating and induce resistance in plants. In this way, they can prevent the attack from many pests and diseases.

Kynetic4 is one of the most complete biostimulants. It is an extraordinary supply of energy at times of peak demand: flowering, fertilization and fruit set. It is the pillar that strengthens defenses successfully helping to overcome plant stress situations that otherwise would have ended in a diminishment of the quality and quantity of the crop plant.

Another biostimulant which amplifies defenses crop is Seisil, potassium and soluble silicon source. It fortifies plant tissues from the inside out and creates a barrier that prevents penetration of fungi.

To protect rhizosphere, one of the most important parts of the plant, there is no more technical biostimulant than Seiland. This formulation boosts the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, while stimulating the development of roots and absorption of nutrients. The best solution to contribute to the increase of sugars, maturation and fattening of the fruit is called Sweetsei.