Seipasa presents its nature-inspired model of innovation at the Bio Ag World Congress in Valencia

April 29, 2022
Seipasa at the Bio Ag World Congress in Valencia
Different moments of Seipasa's participation in the Bio Ag World Congress

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development, formulation and production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers, has explained all about its  nature-inspired model of innovation at the third Bio Ag World Congress, held in Valencia from 26th  to 29th  April. 

The company, which promotes the congress as a Pioneer Sponsor, has presented its Natural Technology® model applied to agriculture in various conferences and training sessions.

The company CEO, Pedro Peleato, has taken part in a round table discussion with other CEOs of biocontrol companies. Mr Peleato assured that consumer demand for foods free of chemical residues is the main driving force for change in the industry and defended the role of biological agriculture in the development of the new tools that farmers need.

"There is a new generation of farmers out there who want to change the world and we must provide them with the tools to do so. We need to look for the answer to this transformation in bio-based agriculture", Seipasa's CEO stated.

Pedro Peleato devoted part of his presentation to reviewing his track record as a CEO and passing on his experiences to other managers and entrepreneurs in the industry: "To innovate means to opt for the most difficult path. And although it is usually the longest, most complicated route with many obstacles along the way, it is the only path that leads to success"

Seipasa's CEO stressed his idea that agriculture needed a change and that it could only come through biotechnology: "When we founded Seipasa we knew that in order to be different we could not do the same thing as the rest of companies were doing. We knew that farmers needed new tools to combat pests and diseases and, over the past 25 years we have poured all of our talent into developing these tools and making them available to farmers".

Internationally recognised innovation

Vanessa Garrido, Seipasa's National Marketing Manager, also took part in the sessions at the Bio Ag World Congress. She defended the model of innovation that the company applies and its vision of anticipating change, which is transforming agriculture. 

“After almost  25 years of experience in the research and development of treatments based on substances of botanical and microbiological origin, I would like to highlight Seipasa's Natural Technology® model, which has achieved international recognition thanks to our capacity to select the very best quality raw materials of natural origin, identify the most efficient active substances, design our exclusive formulations and develop strategies focusing on the production of high value-added, chemical residue-free crops”, Vanessa Garrido went on to add.

An event by the industry, for the industry

The Bio Ag World Congress staged at the Prince Philip Museum of Valencia, has brought together leading companies, technicians and researchers in the biological agriculture industry. Over the 3-day period, more than 500 people and representatives from 200 countries from 40 different countries have passed through the City of the Arts and Sciences.

The congress has featured a comprehensive programme of conferences and training sessions in the areas of biostimulation, biocontrol, international regulations, soil health and quality as well as new applications in the use of technology.