Seipasa rewards the best talent through the Productive Green Farming project

October 30, 2017

Seipasa, a company specialized in the formulation, development and marketing of botanical-based solutions (biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers) for agriculture, will participate in the Productive Green Farming project.

The initiative, led by the University of Córdoba and Galpagro, and supported by other companies and associations such as Proaco and Asaja, aims to promote innovation in agriculture. The Productive Green Farmin project is addressed to the first and second year students of the Master of Agronomic Engineering of ETSIAM, the Technical School of Agronomic and Forestry Engineering of the University of Córdoba.

The students should work on an innovative project with real possibilities of being implemented. Projects can refer to any agricultural practice and may be linked to any crop, although initiatives promoting a balanced management between production and sustainability, as well as the use of technologies applied to agriculture, will be especially valued.

The winning student will be rewarded with a period of paid internships in those companies and associations participating in the initiative. By providing the winning student with a specific knowledge on how the entire value chain of the agricultural sector works, the objective of the project is to improve his/her training before entering the labor market.

Boosting professional careers

Besides hosting and mentoring the student of the winning project during his/her internship, Seipasa will give master classes throughout the course based on an eminently practical vision. It means that representaives of Seipasa’s technical department will teach lessons so as to exemplify  its model of natural technology applied to agriculture.

In addition to the master classes, Seipasa will also be responsible for advising and assisting the students during the execution of their projects. Again, representatives of the company will be part of the court in charge of assessing the students’ projects.

Rosa Gallardo, director of ETSIAM, pointed out that the Productive Green Farming project was born with the intention of encouraging the students in the final period of their studies. "We are talking about a talent recruitment project because what we really want is to reward talent. We seek to awake deep reflection in agriculture, but always towards initiatives combining productivity and sustainability ".

The University of Córdoba hosted the event in which the Productive Green Farming project was officially presented. The President of Iprodeco, and second Vicepresident of the Diputación de Córdoba, Ana María Carrillo, showed her broad support to the project. Also, the ViceChancellor for Innovation, Transfer and Campus of Excellence, Enrique Quesada, as well as representatives of Seipasa, Galpagro, Proaco and Asaja, attended the presentation of the Productive Green Farming project.