Seipasa selected as finalist at the Agrow Awards 2017

September 18, 2017

Seipasa, a company specialized in the formulation, development and marketing of botanical-based solutions (biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers) for agriculture, was selected as finalist at the Agrow Awards 2017. These awards, becoming an international benchmark, recognize both the innovation and advances made by companies within the crop protection industry.

This year, the Agrow Awards are reachig a special anniversary as they  celebrate 10 years. The winners will be announced in a ceremony in London on October 30th. Seipasa competes for the highest award in 2 of the 16 categories. Fungisei, the broad spectrum bio-fungicide produced and patented by Seipasa, was selected as finalist for the Best Formulation Innovation and Best New Biological Product.

The former category is oriented to those agrochemicals or biopesticides representing a remarkable innovation in their formulation compared to current references in the market. Fungisei is a broad-spectrum bio-fungicide whose patented technology allows for a liquid formulation based on microorganisms. The product presents high stability and its efficacy has been proved under extreme temperature conditions.

Best New Biological Product

The latter category will go the best new crop protection product derived from a naturally occurring organism to be introduced since 1 January 2016. Fungisei protects against fungus, bacteria and soil-borne diseases while improving crop health. The product shows higher efficacies compared to chemicals and is compatible with integrated pest management, resistance management and organic farming programs.