The present producers of Middle East in the Fair SAHARA 2012 bet for SEIPASA

September 26, 2012
Agricultural producers in Middle Eastern countries (including Egypt, Iraq, Libya ...) are making their way into new markets such as the European Union and Russia, where there are very stringent criteria related to food security. This has forced companies from these countries to opt for a new production model, which prime the treatments without residues. For this reason, SEIPASA products have been very well received in the SAHARA Fair 2012, being held these days in Cairo (Egypt).

SEIPASA has attended this event from the hand of one of the largest distributors in Egypt, which has invited the company to participate in the conference program in order to announce the benefits of Zero Residue® products. In fact the equipment of SEIPASA has given diverse formative seminars for both, farmers and field technicians, where they have shown the research and development of new products that are being carried out.

From SEIPASA Technical Department, Javier Nácher, says SEIPASA products have been very well received by the major dealers in the area, who have already shown their willingness to work together. "During the seminars we have given, have made numerous inquiries about the features of our products, application areas, modes of action ... The result has been very satisfactory. Also the producers are very interested to apply Zero Residue® Integral Process and start working with SEIPASA soon”, explains Nácher.

SAHARA Fair is a meeting point for the agricultural and agro-industrial sector of the zone of Middle East and that is celebrated in Cairo (Egypt). The Fair has 5 pavilions organized by themes, among which the area of agricultural machinery, showing new trends in product implementation, harvesters ...; a space dedicated to Asian companies-increasingly presence in Africa and the Middle East-; or one of the most important pavilions, which is dedicated to the great Egyptian companies, with diffusion for the whole territory besides other countries like Sudan, which this year has the presence of SEIPASA