Phytosanitary registrations

Commitment to obtaining phytosanitary registrations worldwide.

Seipasa's international business development model is based on investments to obtain phytosanitary registrations. What this means is that the company has structured its international expansion based on the registration of its products so that when Seipasa decides to enter an international market in a specific country this initiative is backed by a process of prior registration of its products in that country.

Phytosanitary registration is the legal authorisation that each country gives to market and sell these plant protection products.  Registering a product is a lengthy and costly process involving years of technical trials, scientific research and administrative procedures. We have to demonstrate the product's efficacy in combating pests and diseases for each region and crop, its effect on the environment, no residues in the end foodstuffs and other restrictive conditions in accordance with the legislation in force in each country.  In short, registration is the seal of quality of the product in terms of its action and effect on crops. 

As a result of the company's continuous investments over the years and the work of its Regulatory Department, Seipasa currently has 46  phytosanitary, bioinsecticide and biofungicide product registrations in 14 countries.