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Biological effectivity of MultiseiTM fertilizer in zucchini crops

Trial objectives

Assessment of the biological effectivity of MultiseiTM in yield increase in zucchini.

Trial characteristics

Place and date of trial: Morelos, México, 15/07/15.

Crop variety: Terminator zucchini.

Applications: 4 fertigation applications with a 7-day interval.


  • Stem thickness.
  • Quantity of fruit per plant.
  • Quantity of leaves per plant.
  • Quantity of flowers.
  • Days to flowering.
  • Days to fruiting.
  • Fruit diameter.
  • Fruit length.
  • Fruit weight.
  • Yield in tons/hectare.
  • Phytotoxicity.
  • Nutrients analysis in fruit.
  • Nutrients analysis in leaves.

Main results