Basei™ Lec powerful action against disease development

Basei™ Lec is a product based in lecithin activity used as an antifungal in vineyards, fruit, vegetables and ornamental trees. Basei™ Lec offers phospholipids’ powerful effect to control powdery mildew and certain other kinds of mildew. It comes with an excellent drying capacity that disables the germinating tube and prevents propagation on crops.

Its action occurs on hiphae elongation and the fungus capacity to penetrate plants. This is a key advantage in order to fight and prevent infections.

Basei™ Lec was developed to provide a natural, zero residue solution to team up with the most demanding treatments. It allows reducing chemicals through Integrated Pest Management strategies.


Apple tree, Canons, Cucumber, Currant, Endive, Greenhouse tomato, Lettuce, Open air tomato, Ornamentals, Peach, Table grapes, Vine grapes,