Fungisei® next generation biological fungicide

Fungisei® integrates within its patented formulation, a special strain of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Fungisei® is a broad spectrum biofungicide with an extraordinary bio-control activity due to the wide ecological adaptation capacity of the differentiated and patented B. subtilis strain, which allows its use under a wide range of temperatures and humidities. In addition, this bacteria belongs of the bacterial genus PGPR (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria).

Fungisei® liquid formula has been specially designed to facilitate its use. In addition, it is an environmental friendly product, no toxic for auxiliary fauna and humans. Fungisei® prevents plant disease penetration and infection by fungal spores. The high quantity of lipopeptide breaks down pathogen cell membranes. Fungisei® exerts an important role in resistance mechanisms. 

Key points of Fungisei®

  • Antagonism and control: inhibiting the pathogenic development. 
  • Immuno-stimulator: strengthen potential resistance of the host.
  • Spreader: making easy root and foliar colonization. 
  • Promotes an induced and systemic resistance mechanism in plants. 
  • IPM tool (Integrated Pest Management) & organic farming.
  • Fungisei® can be applied the day before harvest.

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Registration Number
EPA 91473-1