Multisei™ K actively contributes with potassium-enriched organic matter

MULTISEI K is an organic fertilizer of high solubility and easy to use, especially designed to improve soil quality and crop nutrition. Its high content of potassium makes it recommended for using during the reproductive organs and fruits development. It is particularly useful for soils with low potassium contents and dry soils where there is a lack of it. The other components also help to the roots development, the budbreak, the plant’s breathing and the chlorophyll synthesis, increasing the plant growth, the yield and the quality of crops.

  • Liquid formulation that reaches the roots quickly.
  • Rich in organic matter with potassium.
  • Ideal during the flowering stage, fruit set and fructification.


Total organic matter 25.0
Potassium oxide (K2O) 18.0
Total humic extract 20.0
Humic acids 3.0
Fulvic acids 17.0
Fertigation 15-25 l/ha per application