Seipafol® B exclusive boron contribution for optimal plant development

Boron deficiency often have a devastating effect on crop yields. When there are limited mineralization conditions (hot, dry or cold weather), boron becomes deficient. SEIPAFOL® B is the perfect partner to avoid boron deficiencies. This reference includes a large amount of liquid boron (boron-ethanolamine salt), that is quickly metabolized.
The additional contribution of boron of this product, ensures the correct plant development because it regulates and promotes the formation of new plant cells, and it is also involved in the creation and distribution of sugars.
Maintaining an optimal level of this nutrient is possible with SEIPAFOL® B.

  • Guarantees good fruit set.
  • Prevents and corrects boron deficiencies by foliar applications of SEIPAFOL® B.


Boron (B) water soluble 10.0
Foliar application 100-400 m/hl
Fertigation 2-5 l/ha per application