Seipafol® K functional contribution for carbohydrate and protein formation

Maintaining optimal levels of potassium in the crop, is essential to avoid a delay in plant growth. To achieve this balance the best solution is SEIPAFOL® K.
Its special formulation as an organic salt gives it, unlike other products of the market, a neutral pH that allows the plant a fast absorption, achieving a great result of using the product in a short period of time.
With potassium as a main component, this formulation is an important part in the formation of carbohydrates and proteins, increasing the size and weight of the storage organs of these compounds such as cereal grains, fruits and tubers.
Because of potassium is one of the main nutrients required by plants, farmers can not afford a decrease in the development of their crops because of its lack. SEIPAFOL® K prevents and stops this problem because of its high contribution of potassium and easy vegetative assimilation.

  • Provides K that is easily and quickly assimilated by the crop.
  • Achieves better crop quality.


Potassium oxide (K2O) 25.0
Foliar application 200-400 m/hl