Seipafol® Mg rapid magnesium assimilation

Seipafol® Mg provides an essential macroelement for the life cycle of plants: magnesium. It is a natural complex between heptagluconic acid and magnesium. This formulation for foliar spray facilitates rapid uptake of the nutrient, ensuring the correct chlorophyll development and other pigments that improve the light absorption spectrum. It is not only involved in the proper development of the plant, but also promotes the accumulation of sugars in the storage organs and phosphorus in the cereal grains.

The characteristic yellow colour between the edges and nerves of old leaves, especially those of the lower part of the plant, with possible loss of them, should alert farmers to use Seipafol® Mg on time.

Key points of Seipafol® Mg:

  • Give colour to your crops.
  • Ensure the correct development of crops.