Terrasei™ Mg green crop activator

TERRASEI Mg combines vegetable origin amino acids and magnesium in a formulation with a high content of organic matter.
Magnesium is involved in many critical physiological and biochemical processes, so if there is not enough magnesium, the growth and yield of the crop are affected. Furthermore, Mg is a crucial molecule in chlorophyll synthesis that makes TERRASEI Mg a necessary supplement for a good photosynthetic process, giving a more intense green colour to the crop, especially to the leaves. 
Its new liquid formulation applied in irrigation makes easier the absorption of magnesium by plants and its distribution within the plant.

  • Nourish your crops with TERRASEI Mg, that contains magnesium that is quickly assimilated by CROPS .
  • Correct Mg deficiencies and improve the soil.


Nitrogen (N) total 8.0
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 9.5
Organic matter 25.0
Amino acids 6.0
Fertigation 10-30 l/ha per application