AGROQUINTANA (Mexico): “The field demands the union and the introduction of companies as SEIPASA”

June 11, 2012
From about several years, SEIPASA has worked for the introduction of the philosophy Residues Zero in the fields of Mexico. One of the principal supports of this bet has been AgroQuintana, who is between the producers most distinguished from the above mentioned country. As explains Lupita Quintana, Manager of AgroQuintana's Technical Advising, now more that never "we need to provide products to the field innocuous, free of pesticides, to feed to the entire world".

Currently AgroQuintana's production is destined both to The United States and to Europe. In this respect, from the company they assure that increasingly, and especially on the European markets, demand free products of residues
AgroQuintana’s plantations are located in the state of Michoacan (Mexico) and focus mainly on the production of blackberries. For several years, they have been using SEIPASA products for the control of mites (spider of two points, crystalline spider and red spider...), diseases (Peronospora, Botrytis, Mildew, Anthracnose ...) and fungal diseases root (Fusarium, Pythium, Phythoptora ...). In this regard, Quintana Lupita explains the effectiveness of SEIPASA acaricides and fungicides has been very high, with 80% and 90% efficiency respectively.

Case of success
One of the major success stories with SEIPASA products, say from AgroQuintana, has been the control of Botrytis Peronosopora in their crops. "We are really pleased with the result SEIPASA products for the control of these diseases." Moreover also highlight the excellent work done by technicians SEIPASA, as "recommendations received have been very specific according to the incidence that we presented in the cultivation of blackberry". Therefore, the AgroQuintana’s Technical Advisory Management considers SEIPASA products are a very useful tool for the agronomic union. "The Zero Residue® agricultural production is not a thing of the future but of the present, and we need it to provide safe products to the field, free of pesticides, which can feed the world. In all this work, the field takes the union and the introduction of companies like SEIPASA ".

Work in the field
But the use of Zero Residue® products -says from AgroQuintana- is not only important for crops but also for agricultural workers who use them. "The cases of cancer in agricultural workers are increased by the improper use and handling of chemical pesticides. Therefore, biopesticides such as Zero Residue® SEIPASA are an excellent tool to avoid the above problem. One solution would be to apply traditional pesticides in phases where there is no production and Zero Residue® in phenological phases of the plant near this production already. "