Considerations about the World Environment Day

June 5, 2017

The United Nations celebrates the World Environment Day since 1974. Considering the growing awareness about the need to respect and protect the Earth, both the impact and events in parallel to this date have significantly increased in recent years. 

This year, the World Environment Day is focused on connecting people with nature. The theme aims to awaken a deep thinking about the importance nature has acquired in our living standards. Going out to the countryside, enjoying the beauty of forests, bathing in rivers in summer is still possible due to the balance and conservation of natural ecosystems.

From north to south, a day like today is filled with many events in the form of demonstrations, school activities, seminars or the premiere of documentaries. For Seipasa, the World Environment Day is a special date on the calendar. It invites us to look back and remember the commitment acquired to the environment since our foundation 20 years ago.

Since its conception, Seipasa has been guided by a determined commitment to natural technology for a rational, responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture. The innovation in Zero Residue solutions has been a constant element in our evolution. The agriculture of the 21st century calls for natural alternatives which are safe and effective instead of using chemicals solutions in pest and disease control. Promoting natural treatments being fully respectul with the ancillary fauna, the quality of soil, water and air is a direct way to contribute to the preservation of the planet we will leave to future generations.

At the forefront of environmental policy

Seipasa products are manufactured minimizing water and energy consumption, taking full advantage of recycling and waste management. The company's environmental policy is endorsed with the ISO 14001 Certificate, which appreciates the application of an environmental management plan for continuous improvement of processes.

Also, Seipasa has been awarded with the EMAS Certificate, the highest European recognition in terms of environmental policy. Seipasa is one of the first Spanish companies manufacturing natural phytosanitary products of plant origin in having this certification. In addition, the Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC) granted by the regional Government of Valencia approves the exhaustive control of air emissions, noises and wastes, which guarantees the absence of pollution in the manufacturing process.

Nature is the greatest source of wealth and well-being in societies. To carefully respect nature must become a habit in our life, irrespective of the urgence of posed by key dates such as the World Environment Day.