Seipasa will expand its production plant to continue leading natural technology in agriculture

June 7, 2017

Seipasa, a company specialized in manufacturing biopesticidesbiostimulants and fertilizers for zero residues agriculture, has announced the implementation of a strategic and investment plan. This plan concerns a complete restructuring of the production, packaging and logistics plant located in La Creu industrial park in l'Alcudia (Valencia), where the company currently operates. Seipasa’s facilities will be expanded by 3,000 new square meters (m2). This action aims to lead the international growth and expansion of the company towards new markets.

Seipasa will invest several million euros in the acquisition of industrial land needed for the restructuring of the solid line and the new biopesticide formulation plant. The first of the actions is aimed at absorbing the production increase of Seiland and Ferrosei, two of the references exported by the firm which are generating greater demand in foreign markets. The purpose is to have an exclusive line of solid manufacturing being separeted from the current line of liquids.

The expansion works also include the adaptation of the facilities to host the new biopesticide formulation plant. Seipasa will incorporate the technology to adapt its production process to the highest quality standards required by biological products. The objective is to comply with international regulations so as to create safe environments and avoid cross-contamination.

The expansion of the production, packaging and logistics plant also includes the installation of new formulation reactors with greater capacity. This move will allow the company to exponentially increase its production volume. In addition, new storage tanks for raw materials and formulated product will be incorporated. Seipasa’s offices and common areas will be subject to a renovation process, including new equipments.

Strengthening of human resources

The expansion of Seipasa's facilities to face the new challenges within international markets is supported by a steady growth in the human team in charge of managing processes. The reinforcement of human teams includes the production, packaging and logistics plant of l'Alcudia; the management center of Tardienta, Huesca; and local offices in Mexico, in operation since 2009.

Thus, the R&D&i department, currently representing 30% of the workforce, has reinforced its position within the company. Similarly, technical, commercial and export departments have incorporated new staff aiming to lead and settle the international expansion of Seipasa. The marketing and communication departments have consolidated its structure by incorporating new specialists in the digital area. Seipasa has also undertaken a process for the digital unification of all its production systems.