Fungisei, Seipasa's new tool in the fight against diseases, arrives with a vengeance in the main fruit and vegetable growing areas of Spain

February 7, 2023
Fungisei launching sessions in different producing regions of Spain

Seipasa, a Spanish company specialized in the development, formulation and production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilizers, is continuing its programme for the launch and introduction in Spain of Fungisei, the microbiological fungicide that the company is presenting after recently obtaining the phytosanitary registration from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The company is touring the main fruit and vegetable producing regions of Spain to present the product through a series of technical conferences with professionals and technical specialists from the agri-food sector.

Vanessa Garrido, Seipasa’s national marketing manager, highlighted the excellent landing of the product in the Spanish market: “Fungisei was a long-awaited registration in Spain, not only because of the broad nature of its label but also because of the need of producers to have effective and real tools in the fight against high-impact diseases,” she said.

Ms Garrido assured that the market response has been “excellent and very positive” in the first weeks of marketing the product: “We are very happy with the reception of the product. We have seen this in each of the technical meetings we have held in recent weeks, due to the interest shown by professionals and the high sales figures that Fungisei has achieved in these first weeks of distribution at points of sale, which have exceeded even our most optimistic forecasts. Seipasa has fought hard to put this distinguishing tool in the hands of farmers, and now is the time to support them, advise them and help them to achieve their goals,” emphasized Seipasa’s national marketing manager. 

A journey of thousands of miles

The Fungisei launch programme has already landed in Almeria and Murcia, two of the most important Spanish regions for the production of high value-added vegetables. 

For Miguel Ángel Romera, Seipasa's sales manager in Murcia, “Fungisei is a product with a very wide range of applications. We have a registration,” he added, “in crops that are not usually registered because they are considered minor crops, but which have been growing little by little and have a certain relevance, and which, moreover, are very much at risk in terms of being able to grow the plantations successfully because of all the reductions in active substances that we have had on the part of the European Union
José Manuel Saura, sales director of Agroquímicos Torre Pacheco, one of the distributors that markets Seipasa’s catalogue of bioprotection and biostimulation solutions in the region of Murcia, has expressed the same opinion.

“All farmers and customers are very happy to have a tool like Fungisei. The loss of many fungicide registrations due to European regulations left growers without the tools to continue to tackle fungal problems. For this reason, the arrival of Fungisei has been a long-awaited one,” Mr Saura insisted.

Key player at Agroexpo

Fungisei also played an important role at Agroexpo, the international agricultural fair held in Don Benito, Extremadura, from 25-28 January. 

Javier Sánchez, Seipasa’s sales manager in Extremadura, points out that “Fungisei has a very broad label that covers the control of high-impact diseases in high-value crops within the Extremadura agricultural model such as almond trees, fruit trees, vines and horticultural crops, among others. It is therefore a reality adapted to the needs of the market, with an exclusive formula patented by Seipasa, which brings together all our experience in the use and application of microorganisms in agriculture.”

The latest stop on the Fungisei presentation days programme was in Catalonia and La Rioja, with a series of technical sessions in fruit and grape growing areas, which will continue in the coming weeks in various locations in northern Spain.

About Fungisei

Fungisei is a microbiological fungicide developed from a Bacillus subtilis strain of high efficacy and purity, the formulation of which is patented by Seipasa. The key to the product’s action lies in its exclusive formulation, which protects the microbial stability of the active ingredient, guarantees its conservation capacity and provides very high efficacy in the field. All this in a liquid formulation free of chemical preservatives.

Fungisei is classified by the European Commission as a Low Risk product, which certifies its low impact in all aspects of its use and application. 

In addition to Spain, Fungisei is also registered in a wide range of countries such as Portugal, France, Turkey, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Morocco and Ivory Coast.