“Fungisei enables us to provide farmers with a microbiological fungicide that already has proven worth worldwide”

February 1, 2023

Seipasa has just introduced Fungisei, the microbiological fungicide, in Spain after obtaining phytosanitary registration from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. We chatted with Javier Sánchez, the company’s sales area manager in Extremadura, about the prospects of a product set to revolutionize the market in its segment.

1. Imagine you have 20 seconds to convince a farmer about the benefits of Fungisei. What would you tell him?

I would tell him that it is a microbiological fungicide that marks a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ in the products of its category; a high value-added solution for the fight against and control of diseases such as mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis and mottling in a wide variety of crops. 

2. Why is Fungisei coming to the market at this time?

Because Seipasa has just obtained phytosanitary registration in Spain from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. It is the result of years of work by the technical and regulatory departments, which has now come to fruition following a significant financial investment by the company. At Seipasa we like to put the farmer first, accompany him on his journey and give him distinguishing solutions that solve real problems . I think this is the best example of our commitment. 

3. What value-added can Fungisei bring to Extremadura’s crops and agricultural model?

Fungisei is a new product in Spain, but not in the rest of the world. Prior to Spain, Fungisei had obtained phytosanitary registration and was therefore already sold in countries such as Portugal, France, Turkey, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Morocco and the Ivory Coast. Therefore, it is a solution with a very extensive and in-depth experience in a wide range of agricultural systems. With Fungisei we are providing farmers in Extremadura with a microbiological fungicide that already has proven worth worldwide.

The product has a very broad label that covers the control of high impact diseases in high value crops within the Extremadura agricultural model, such as almond trees, fruit trees, vines and vegetables, among others. It is, therefore, a reality adapted to the needs of the market that, in addition, has an exclusive and patented formulation by Seipasa, and which pools all our experience in the use and application of microorganisms in agriculture, given that it is developed from a high efficacy and pure strain of Bacillus subtilis.

4. What are the keys to this unique formulation?

Fungisei is a liquid solution free of chemical preservatives. Based on our Natural Technology® model, the R&D department has developed a formulation that protects the microbial stability of the active ingredient, guarantees its conservation capacity and provides maximum efficacy in the field against target diseases. All this has resulted in a patent that only strengthens the knowledge and experience accumulated by Seipasa with this product.

I think I have used the adjective ‘distinguishing’ several times throughout the interview, but I can’t think of a better term. The farmer will appreciate it from the very moment of preparing and applying the product in the tank thanks to its excellent wettability and integration. It is a solution that does not allow phase separation and will remain in perfect condition, even if we leave it in the tank for days without application; it does not need cold in order stay preserved; it is stable in a wide range of temperatures and does not leave any stain or residue on the crop post-application. All this added to a very high efficacy thanks to its preventive and curative mode of action, and to its zero safety period that would allow us to treat crops even the day before harvest.