Nakar, the latest solution for whitefly

June 13, 2016

The whitefly is one of the insects that causes the most headaches to farmers. Although it can attack most horticultural and ornamental crops, it prefers cucurbits and solanaceae crops, especially tomatoes, and is very dangerous in greenhouses.

The need for an effective tool against this pest, that is beneficial for the surrounding fauna and does not leave residue on the crop, lead SEIPASA to undertake intense R+D+i work that has resulted in a unique formulation that is 100% natural: NAKAR.

The biopesticide Nakar shows great ability to control whitefly on contact at all stages of its development. It eradicates the pest targeted by penetrating the cell membranes of the insect, causing dehydration and death.

Its botanical origin makes it an ideal instrument for Integrated Production as well as Organic Production. It respects the safety of workers and can be applied even the day before harvesting, since no safety periods are required. Similarly, its use in resistance management strategies presents optimal results.

Nakar is a product designed for foliar application and, although it is effective on all life stages of insects, they are more vulnerable to the effects of the active substance in their immature stages of development and flightless phases.



Enhancer, wetting agent and cleanser

But, in addition to its potential as a natural insecticide, Nakar can also be used to clean molasses produced by attacks by sucking insects in order to prevent the spread of fungi. To do this, foliar applications must be carried out with large volumes of water.

Another property of this biopesticide is its effect as an enhancer and wetting agent, improving adhesion of spray applications. Its technical formulation increases adhesion of other treatments because it decreases the surface tension of water and increases the contact surface and the contact time between the pathogen and the active material applied.

The properties of Nakar make it an appreciated point of reference that responds to farmers' need for effective resources that are compatible with biological control and avoid resistance in crops.

This is just one of the solutions SEIPASA makes available to those producers who seek profitability as well as quality and sustainability. Success demonstrated by other SEIPASA formulations, in the biopesticide, biostimulation and nutrition sectors, make them an excellent help in stopping the main problems experienced in these areas.