Studies show increased productivity and quality in crops treated with Kynetic4®

May 3, 2016

Trials on almond trees show an increase in yield of between 8% and 15%, reaching even higher values in horticulture

So claim recent studies. Action by the specialised biostimulant by SEIPASA Kynetic4® on plants and fruit trees results in a considerable increase in the harvest. This cause-effect relationship has been demonstrated in recent research by expert agronomists, from which it follows that, in crops tested, like almonds, productivity increases between 8% and 15%, reaching values that are even higher in vegetables. In fact, the application of Kynetic4 ® in courgettes permitted a reduction of the use of hormone by about 60% with no significant differences between the different treatments tested.

Almond production increase

Production quality in courgettes

But what does Kynetic4 ® do to generate this profitability. Based on the action of the combination of physiological intermediaries and vegetable amino acids, this biostimulant provides the crop with short chain substances that are rapidly assimilated by the plant and long chain peptides that improve adherence and the effect of the product.

Its application provides an energy stimulant at times of peak demand. Its use is essential in important stages such as sprouting, flowering and fruit setting, achieving greater vigour in the plant and, therefore, more sprouting, increased pollen fertility and optimal fruit setting.

By activating the physiological processes of the plant, Kynetic4 ® manages to increase its vegetative growth and improve final output, but not only in terms of quantitative parameters but also qualitative. Colour, smoothness, size and taste are favoured by the application of this biostimulant created thanks to recent advances in natural technology.



Protector against stress conditions

On the other hand, Kynetic4 provides the plant with an increased capacity for adaptation in the face of plant stress conditions, whether caused by extreme temperatures, drought, frost, salinity, transplanting, disease or pests.

Pests begin to have more presence in crops in the spring due to the gradual increase in temperatures; therefore the application of the biostimulant at this time is a guarantee of development of the health of the plant to overcome an eventual pest attack in the best conditions.

Moreover, the use of Kynetic4® is also recommended after eliminating the pest to stimulate the recovery of the crop, since it promotes the restoration of plant tissues. Similarly, it has high efficiency as a natural chelator, unblocking soils and facilitating absorption and assimilation of other components.





Synergist of foliar fertilizers and herbicides

Polypeptide compounds present in the Kynetic4® formulation also reduce surface tension and facilitate its use as a synergist in applying foliar fertilizers, facilitating their absorption and herbicides, enhancing their effect.
All of these properties guarantee obtaining a much more productive crop and better quality in normal conditions and ensure high yields despite crops being subjected to adverse conditions thanks to the resilience that Kynetic4® gives plants.