Pirecris: the story of the number one that has never stopped evolving

May 2, 2024
Pirecris, Seipasa's bioinsecticide, celebrates 10 years in Mexico
Evolution of the Pirecris label and packaging in Mexico from the first reference 10 years ago to the present day.

History usually reserves a special page to celebrate the anniversaries of people or even historical events, but this is not usually the case for products. The reason for this is probably that the logic of the market is so inexorable that very few products reach ‘old age’ in an overly fast track that manages to burn through the four classic phases of their life cycle (introduction, growth, maturity and decline) extremely quickly. 

If we were to apply the same marketing theory to the life stages of a product, Pirecris would be in the maturity phase. Seipasa’s bioinsecticide has just celebrated the 10th anniversary of its first phytosanitary registration in Mexico. It is a special milestone because Mexico is also the first market in which the Spanish company opened a subsidiary as part of its internationalisation process.

“From 2008, we saw the need to give the active ingredients we were working with a future: we had to register them and put them in the right place,” says Pedro Peleato, CEO of Seipasa. Six years later, the company completed the phytosanitary registration process for Pirecris, a bioinsecticide for pest control that guarantees high efficacy and is approved for a wide range of crops both outdoors and in greenhouses. 

From then on, the product has only grown and developed to reach the special maturity mentioned above. Pirecris is backed by its patented formulation, but - above all - by the technology, innovation and know-how behind it.

“Pirecris, a product developed from a unique and exclusive formula, where the entire formulation is of natural origin. It is a green product concept in its entirety, because it has been developed using formulaic techniques to increase the effect with less active ingredient. How? “By synergising elements,” explains Francisco Espinosa, Seipasa’s R&D director.

Patented formulation

In Pirecris, there is an antioxidant and protective plant matrix that, together with a natural synergist, carries the active ingredient and guarantees the maximum efficacy of the product. 100% of the formulation is designed to act as an active material with insecticidal activity, where the natural active ingredient is in harmony with the green co-formulants in the formulation. This is the result of a patented formula and years of research by the R&D&I department.

“Pirecris is the first exponent of Seipasa’s Natural Technology. It means going back to the beginning, closing the circle and going back to the origin of the raw material that nature gives us, to this natural active ingredient, but with the most advanced technology of the 21st century,” says Espinosa. 

Pirecris is the first in a long list of Seipasa’s phytosanitary registrations, more than 70 to date, which make up a global catalogue of bioprotection solutions. That first registration, which began in Mexico, has since spread to many countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia and a long list of others, giving the company a strong global presence and extensive experience in agricultural systems around the world.

Continuous improvement process

“Pirecris is a solution that allows us to apply a continuous improvement process. Being present in so many international markets at the same time means that the product faces several different realities in each campaign. All these realities, gathered by our teams through a multitude of experiences of use and efficacy tests, are reflected in the excellence of a tool that improves year after year,” explains Carlos Castro, Seipasa’s sales director in Mexico.
Castro notes that the bioinsecticide market is becoming increasingly competitive with the entry of new brands promising spectacular results at very low prices.

“In Mexico, growers have learned to trust what works. No one should take risks when they are gambling with their credibility and the access of their fruit and vegetables to the main food distribution markets. In this sense, Pirecris is a guarantee, not only because of its phytosanitary registration and the certifications that back it up, but above all because of its efficacy in controlling pests and because it has no safety interval, which means that it can be used very close to the time of harvest to control a pest without the risk of residues,” emphasises the commercial director of Seipasa Mexico.

We are manufacturers

Castro recalls the holistic sense that surrounds Pirecris, a product with a wide and deep traceability that Seipasa controls and knows from start to finish. “We know the growers of the chrysanthemum that contains the active ingredient from which the product is developed. Every year we visit their farms to monitor the quality of the raw material, on which we apply our Natural Technology model until we achieve the exclusive and differentiated formulation that distinguishes Pirecris”.

With this background, Pirecris has a long way to go to continue to enjoy the confidence of growers. The last 10 years are proof of this. Blessed maturity.